Thinking of having a garment made for you?

What you think you are paying for:


A dress.

What you’re actually paying for:


  • Someone to create a design or alter a pattern to your unique measurements.
  • Time spent researching the perfect materials and notions to use.
  • Gas money or shipping charges to buy your fabric.
  • More than minimum wage for the hours spent making your garment.
  • Expensive equipment and tools necessary to create quality products.
  • Years and years of practice and experience.
  • Classes and research to learn new techniques.
  • Business license fees and taxes.

A dressmaker's prices can’t compete with the huge corporations that buy their materials in bulk and pay foreign workers low wages.  What we do provide is excellent quality and customer service and a product made with a lot of love.

Remember, you aren’t just buying a dress; you are hiring someone to make a one-of-a-kind garment just for you!